Become Part of A Tribe

You need a tribe of women around you who are endlessly devoted to helping you succeed.

Every day is an opportunity, it’s your choice to take it.

Any exercise journey can be daunting, but we have found a way to make training FUN! There is no need to try and “figure it out” for yourself anymore! You don’t have to do things alone!

Become a part of our tribe and be supported and encouraged by other women along the way. Ladies who are walking their walk and others who are starting on their journey just as you are!

At Bodies by Design, every session is run by a fully qualified trainer to ensure you stay motivated. We know what it’s like to start new, return to training after some time away or to be ready to step up and work on some new goals. With members of all ages, all fitness levels and all types of training backgrounds, our sessions are designed for YOU, no matter where you are in your journey.

We are a judgement-free space where you can fully embrace who you are! We will sweat, laugh and even cry with you! The unconditional support you receive not just from trainers but every other person here at Bodies by Design is like no other and we are so proud of every woman who walks through our doors!

You’re not joining a gym; you’re joining a BADASS sisterhood!

By Women for Women

Be guided through every session with a fully qualified trainer who can help walk you through correct technique, ensuring that you are using the right muscles while keeping you motivated and on track.

We have created a safe space for you to come and focus on YOUR goals. A judgement free zone where you can sweat, laugh and cry and we will be by your side through it all.

There are no meal replacements, no diet pills, no crazy restrictions, we educate you on the right kinds of foods to be eating for your results. We work with a qualified dietitian to give you the very best guidance and education so you can not only achieve amazing things but maintain them long term.

Our exclusive Creche with a dedicated team of staff means you can feel comfortable knowing that your children are being well taken care of while you get to have some quality “you time”. Give yourself permission for 45 minutes to focus on you, focus on being who you desire to be and allow yourself the chance to be a happy, healthier version of you!


Now is your chance! This is your 8 weeks to become the biggest, badassiest, fit as f*ck version of yourself!

Push Limits Achieve Greatness

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