Female Exclusive Centre

Feel comfortable in your surroundings in our female exclusive centre. Embrace unconditional support from the trainers and members, building friendships along the way.

Expert Trainers

Our trainers have combined education in rehab and recovery, pre and post-natal care, strength and conditioning, nutrition and mindset providing each of our members the foundations to truly succeed.

No Long Term Contracts, Joining or Cancellation Fees

We want you to be at Bodies by Design because you love us, not because your contracted. We have no long-term contracts in any of our memberships, no joining fee’s or cancellation fees. Enjoy a short 8-week minimum commitment with a 2-week cancellation period on all of our memberships.


Absolutely. All our sessions have the ability to be scaled back if you are brand new. You will have a trainer shadow you for a lot of the session to make sure you are doing the movements correctly.

Definitely. We understand that at times we may not be as active as we would like to be. In every session we provide alternative options to movements that might be a bit more difficult for those starting out or returning after a break. We can cater to individual needs.

Of course! Simply let the trainer know before the session starts and they will switch movements that could aggravate the injury. We will also help with any recovery or rehab work that may be needed to help with long-term recovery.

We have trainers who have specific qualifications in pre and post-natal training. We may ask for medical clearance if you are wanting to begin a fitness routine while pregnant to ensure there is nothing specific we need to know.

Absolutely. Our creche facilities are one of a kind! We have a separate, air-conditioned room for the children to safely play in while you train. Our dedicated creche staff all hold their blue cards and have up to date first aid in place.

Once you register for your 7-day pass, you will be given access to our booking system. From here you will create a profile to book all future sessions. You will also use this booking system to book your child/children into creche. Each child will receive their own sub profile on your profile for the purpose of booking them into creche.

We LOVE friends! Feel free to bring your friend, aunty, sister, mother, grandmother! We want to share with the world just how amazing Bodies by Design truly is! We will register them on our system and provide them with their own login details just as you have so they can book themselves into class.

While we do offer class passes which are available to purchase in our booking system, we have found that on average, our members attend 3 sessions per week and achieve amazing results. Our membership packages are designed to give you unlimited access to our large group training sessions, free creche plus many other extras and with no long-term contract, you have nothing to lose!



  • Unlimited Large Group Fitness
  • Access To All Facilities
  • InBody Scans
  • Classes from Monday – Saturday
  • Consultation with one of our trainers to keep accountable

StrongbodzUnlimited with Creche

  • Unlimited Large Group Fitness
  • Unlimited Creche
  • Access to all facilities
  • Inbody Scan
  • Classes from Monday – Saturday
  • Accountability Consultations with your Trainer


Ready to make a life change? We’re thrilled to help you along your path to a fit and healthy life. Our experts take great pride in helping achieve your goals.

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