Bodies By Design Functional Fitness
13a Advance Road


The Functional Fitness Centre was created in August 2018 when owner Sarah McConville realised that there was something missing on the Sunshine Coast. Women were wanting to train, get healthy, improve their confidence but found it so difficult to walk into a gym without feeling as if “all eyes” were on them. After searching across the coast for a venue, Sarah realised that it didn’t exist and decided that she was going to create it.

This was the birth of Bodies by Design!

Today, Bodies by Design is a centre impacting women greatly across the Sunshine Coast. Sarah and her team have a goal to help as many women as possible not only achieve their health and fitness goals but to change how women see and feel about themselves.
“We have a goal to impact the world, we need more spaces like Bodies by Design where women can come and feel safe and if these spaces do not exist, then I am going to create them” – Sarah


Meet The Staff

Helen O'Grady
Helen O'GradyTrainer
Helen’s philosophy in training is all about empowering you to be the best that you can be. With a strong focus on building not only physical strength but mental strength Helen believes wholeheartedly in exercise for mental health. “Using some of the latest training modalities and research I can help you to restore mobility and improve posture, helping injury prevention and recovery.” Her Mantra is “strong body, strong mind. Whether you are 19 or 90, we can work together safely to transform your Body and mind. I have a passion for helping women become stronger, more confident and more capable through exercise and mindset coaching.”
Emily Palmer
Emily PalmerTrainer
Emily’s ultimate goal for any of the women she works with is to help them feel strong, powerful, and confident in their bodies and abilities. When you feel all 3 come together amazing things can start to happen and with sessions focusing on elements of strength and conditioning, this style of training is the perfect blend to achieve most every goal you could have. Emily has transformed her life through fitness, “When I started my fitness journey, I didn’t start to feel happy with my progress until I shifted my focus to weight training and nutrition. From that point on, I realized that weight training and diet were what I wanted to help other women learn about.”
Meagan Wiggins
Meagan WigginsTrainer
Meagan has a large emphasis on working not only on the physical aspect of what you wish to achieve, but a huge focus on the mental aspect. You deserve to feel good and more than anything she wants to help you feel good. Meagan has a strong passion in supporting women in their fitness journey “I strive to listen to your goals and actually hear you. Sometimes you need to sweat it out, and sometimes you just need an ear and a hug.” After embarking on her own fitness journey with a loss of 30+kgs, Meagan can truly understand what you are going through. “No one said it would be easy, but I promise it will be worth it.”

Meet The Creche Staff

Dee Beausang
Dee BeausangCreche Manager
Dee started at Bodies by Design in July 2018 and joined our creche team in 2019. Having a child of her own, Dee understands how hard mum’s find it to have some quality time to themselves knowing the feeling of “mum guilt” all too well. Her son Ty will often come with her to the afternoon sessions and is quite fond of helping clean up in the creche.
Paige Rondo
Paige Rondo
Paige is one of our morning creche staff and has a background in childcare completing her Certificate 3 in 2014. Paige has a son of her own and understands how important it is to not only keep active for your children, but you have some quality “you time”. Paige brings her experience working in childcare in the creche making sure the children enjoy their time with us.
Molly Blake
Molly Blake
Molly is currently working through her university degree to become a teacher. She has such a big desire to have an impact on the children not only in her classroom but also in creche. Molly has big visions for how to make the most out of the creche times and wants to ensure the children have as much fun as possible while they are with us. The children get so excited when they see Molly in the room, just as she is excited to see them.