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At Bodies by Design Fitness, we have created a safe space for women of all different levels to focus on becoming who they deserve to be, by building both physical and mental strength while finding the confidence in themselves they desire.

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“What Sarah and her trainers have supported, encouraged and inspired me to achieve has blown me away. The culture that Sarah, the trainers and all the members have created is empowering and supportive. More people need to experience this.” – Ash R

“I would recommend this place highly as its motivated me to start exercising. I just keep coming back and I love how welcoming the ladies are. I love all the trainers, they are very patient and they care for your health. I love this gym as its not a normal gym its more then that it helps with motivation and encouragement.” – Amanda CS

“I have definitely found a place where I want to train and feel so welcome by everyone. BBD has helped me overcome my fear of gyms and I now love getting up to go workout.” – Amy C

“Everyone at BBD are supportive and encouraging, I love going to training every single day and wish I didn’t have to miss any days. Although it is tough, I have to say it is the best environment to be in, with amazing trainers and girls to help everyone through the session honestly I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. This has become my second family.” – Molly Blake

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There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish.

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Sarah McConville
Sarah McConvilleOwner/Director
After transforming her own life, Sarah knew she wanted to show others how to do the same and with a dream of helping women across the country, she knew she had to open a safe space for women just like her to embark on their own journey! This is when Bodies by Design Functional Fitness was born.
Helen O’Grady
Helen O’GradyTrainer
Helen’s philosophy in training is all about empowering you to be the best that you can be. With a strong focus on building not only physical strength but mental strength Helen believes wholeheartedly in exercise for mental health. “Using some of the latest training modalities and research I can help you to restore mobility and improve posture, helping injury prevention and recovery.” Her Mantra is “strong body, strong mind. Whether you are 19 or 90, we can work together safely to transform your Body and mind. I have a passion for helping women become stronger, more confident and more capable through exercise and mindset coaching.”
Emily Palmer
Emily PalmerTrainer
Emily’s ultimate goal for any of the women she works with is to help them feel strong, powerful, and confident in their bodies and abilities. When you feel all 3 come together amazing things can start to happen and with sessions focusing on elements of strength and conditioning, this style of training is the perfect blend to achieve most every goal you could have. Emily has transformed her life through fitness, “When I started my fitness journey, I didn’t start to feel happy with my progress until I shifted my focus to weight training and nutrition. From that point on, I realized that weight training and diet were what I wanted to help other women learn about.”